101 Things in 1001 Days


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START: June 2015  —–  FINISH: March 2018

Current Count: 44/101 goals in 827/1001 days


BLOG (4/7)

1. Start a blog. (Sep 2015)

2. Join a blog society. (Feb 2016, The Blog Societies)

3. Post three times per week.

4. Learn blog photography.

5. Learn Photoshop.

6. Attend my first blogging event. (Jan 2016, Create + Cultivate Dallas)

7. Connect with 10 blogging friends in person. (6/10 – Lacey, Alena, Hallie, Jessica, Lexie, Jess)



8. Move 10,000 steps per day for one month.

9. Train for and complete a half-marathon.

10. Train for and complete a sprint triathalon.

11. Work out in the morning for two weeks.

12. Drink eight glasses of water per day for at least two weeks.

13. Take REC classes three times per week for three weeks.

14. Eat the recommended serving of vegetables each day for one week. (See why I went plant-based here!)

15. Schedule appointments with doctor, dentist, etc. and go at least once per year. (5/2016 ALL the doctors. ALL of them.)

16. Go gluten free for two weeks. (Talked about results here.)

17. Find and maintain my ideal weight.

18. Find a practical daily routine. (blog in the early morning, work during the day, exercise in the evening)

19. Stretch and foam-roll each day for two weeks.

20. No back-to-back exercises for two weeks.

21. Try an out of my comfort zone workout class. (Nov 2015, SoulCycle)

22. Strength train for two weeks.

23. Run one 5k per month for one year. (2/12 – April, May)



24. Complete my M.S. Degree (and thesis). (defended Jun 2015, graduated Aug 2015)

25. Begin a Ph.D. Program. (Aug 2015)

26. Read 10 books. (4/10 – The Kill Order, Four, The Magnolia Story, The Curated Closet)

27. Start homework the day it is assigned for one month.

28. Finish the Harry Potter, Ender, Maze Runner, Divergent Series (the last books!). (2/4 finished Maze Runner series and Divergent series)

29. Present at my first technical conference.

30. Publish my first journal paper.

31. Make an informed vote.  (voted in the 2016 Presidential election)

32. Learn the major constellations.

33. Set up and operate a large telescope.

34. Read a classic sci-fi novel.

35. Start a kids science program.

36. Program and use a Kalman filter. (Statistical Orbit Determination Fall 2015)

37. Solve a Rubik’s cube.

38. TA an upper level course.

39. Learn astrophotography.



40. Incorporate braids more often. (love this crown braid!)

41. Incorporate more accessories into outfits.

42. Find a skincare regimen that works for me. (Spring 2017, Moisturizer w/ SPF (also use this one) + Make-up Removing Wipes + Cleanser + Nightly Moisturizing Cream)

43. Learn how to do winged eyeliner. (NYE 2016)

44. Grow my hair out.

45. Find a haircare regiment that works for my frizzy, curly hair. (Fall 2015, Shampoo + Conditioner + Extra Moisture Conditioner + Leave-in Conditioner + Repair)

46. Organize my jewelry and other accessories.

47. Try five new trends outside my comfort zone. (6/5 – Flares, Crop Top, Leather Jacket, Fur Vest, Sleeveless Coat, Boho Chic)

48. Dress professionally to work for 1 month.



49. Stick to a budget.

50. Keep living spaces clean for one full month.

51. Throw out twenty things and do not replace them.

52. Have fresh flowers in the house for two weeks.

53. Unplug one day per week for one month.

54. Make one new recipe per week for 1 month.

55. Organize my personal email.

56. Compile all my favorite recipes.

57. Try five new foods. (22/5 – Rhubarb, Massaman Curry, Calamari, Buffalo, Elk, Empanadas, Pupusa, Tamale, traditional Ramen, Kouign-amann, Horchata, Octopus, Lamb, Creme Brulee, Polenta, Madeleines, Mango Rice, and Pho, Gooseberries, Rambatan, Putene, Crab Cake)

58. Cook at home more often (one meal out per week for one month).

59. Go one month without shopping.

60. Go through magazine stacks.

61. Go through items at parent’s house.

62. Create a homemade piece to display as home decor.



63. Send fifty handwritten notes.

64. Say “YES” for two weeks. (August 2015)

65. Improve communication time (respond to texts, emails, comments, etc. within 24 hours).

66. Host a dinner party/game night.

67. Figure out beers. (Enjoy fruity wheat bears. or dark oatmeal stouts, and anything on nitro)

68. Go on one nice date or event per month.

69. Send flowers to my grandma and mom one day out of the blue.

70. Go to a Red Rocks concert with friends. (Greensky Bluegrass July 2016)



71. Take one weekend trip per month.

72. Go backpacking.

73. Go backcountry skiing.

74. Go snowshoeing.

75. Travel to Alaska. (Aug 2015)

76.  Visit five National Parks. (9/5 – Kenai Fjords Aug 2015, Rocky Mountain Nov 2015, Arches Mar 2016, Yellowstone Mar 2016, Zion Aug 2016, Bryce Canyon Aug 2016, Grand Canyon Aug 2016, Great Sand Dunes Oct 2016, Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nov 2016)

77. Travel to Europe. (Jun 2015)

78. Consistently land ski jumps.

79. Learn bike mechanics.

80. Visit Seattle. (post coming soon)

81. Visit Chicago. (Nov 2015)

82. Climb ten 14ers. (3/10 – Mt. Bierstadt, Mt. Evans, Pike’s Peak)

83. Learn to mountain bike.

84. Learn car mechanics.



85. Go ice skating.

86. Eat donuts and watch cartoons on a Saturday.

87. Watch a sunset. (James Turrell Skyspace Jun 2016)

88. Watch a sunrise. (Bryce Canyon Aug 2016)

89. Build a fort.

90. Go skinny dipping.

91. Learn calligraphy.

92. See ten classic films. (3/10 – Gentleman Prefer Blondes, An Affair To Remember, The Seven Year Itch)

93. Learn to ballroom dance.

94. Buy something at a flea market. (Rice Village Flea Market July 2016)

95. Discover fifteen new favorite restaurants. (15/15 – best greasy burgers + shakes: Bob’s Atomic Burgers, best gourmet burgers: Rueben’s Burger Bistro, best smothered burritos: Cafe Mexicali, best breakfast: Snooze, best Thai in Denver: Swing Thai, best pizza-by-the-slice: Boss Lady’s Pizza, best sandwiches: Half Fast Subs, best Mexican: Sancho’s, best pies: Colorado Cherry Company, best home-cooked meal: The Huckleberry, best breakfast in Boulder: The Buff, favorite coffee/juice bar: Wonder Press, best Colorado-style pizza: Beau Jo’s, best empanadas: Rincon Argentino, cutest breakfast spot: Jelly Cafe, best fresh sandwich: Yellow Deli, best Thai in Boulder: Aloy Thai)

96. Learn how to tie a tie.

97. Have a picnic.

98. Go to a drive-in movie.

99. Volunteer once a month. (7/12 – Feb 2016 Rocket Launch, Mar 2016 Ph.D. student visit, Apr 2016 M.S. student visit, May 2016 Undergrad Research Mentor, Jun 2016 NASA Outreach + Grad Group, Jul 2016 NASA HAS Mentor, Aug 2016 New Student Panel)

100. Cater an event with cupcakes.

101. Donate blood (and find out my blood type).