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The February Edit

The February Edit: Things I'm Loving This Month |

Hi, friends! Today I am so excited to introduce you to a new series here on the blog called The Monthly Edit. Each month I will highlight things I’m currently loving. From fresh fashion finds, to tried-and-true beauty favorites and everything else in between–great movies, relaxing playlists, sweet treats, and yummy recipes. I can’t wait to share with you a few of the products and activities I’m currently obsessed with. I’m hoping that this becomes a fun little coffee date for us each month to gush about some of the things we’ve been doing and loving.

This series actually stemmed out of my new-found love of natural beauty products and my journey to finding a daily beauty routine that works for me. In the past, I’ve mainly focused on fashion and travel content–both topics I love to talk about and share with you! But I’m excited to use this new series as an opportunity to slowly introduce more beauty and lifestyle concepts on the blog.

So without further ado, here’s The February Edit with a few of the things I’m coveting this month.

The February Edit: Things I'm Loving This Month |


The February Edit: Things I'm Loving This Month, Fashion |

1. Dainty Jeweled Ring | I typically don’t wear any jewelry on my hands during the week since I’m constantly writing or typing on my computer. But this dainty jeweled ring is so pretty and feminine that it makes me want to break my own habits. It’s also super lightweight, which means you barely feel it there. The perfect subtle addition to any look.

2. Galentines Bracelets | I love the story behind 31 Bits. If you haven’t heard about this amazing woman-run company, you can read about them here. But not only do I love the cause they stand for, but their products are incredibly beautiful and well-made. I especially love these pretty pink and white Galentines bracelets that are the perfect little gift for friends (or for yourself!) on Valentine’s Day. And honestly, I wear mine year-round. I also love they they are made out of recycled paper–can you believe that?! For a good cause…eco-friendly…and so pretty. What more could you ask for?

3. Pink Wrap Sweater | Generally it’s hard for me to find the right shade of blush pink that works with my skintone and doesn’t wash me out. This sweater is a perfect match! And it’s made out of the softest material you’ve ever touched. The wrap detail in front is sewn together as well, meaning it won’t come open during the day. It’s the perfect sweater to take you into spring that can still be worn right now. I wear a size Medium.

4. Floral Cami | It may still be winter, but I’m craving all the pretty pastel florals of spring. I love the feminine floral print of this cami and the button-front detail. The cut is cropped, so I would suggest wearing this top with high-rise denim or a skirt. While this top will get much more wear in the spring and summer, I plan on layering it under the pink wrap sweater above for a spring-inspired look. I sized up to a 6 for a more flowy fit.

5. Wide-Leg Crop Pants | After trying out the wide-leg cropped pant this past year (here and here), I have come to really love the look and style of them. I recently tried out Everlane’s wide-leg crop pants (a more affordable look-alike of Kamm Pants) and LOVE them. I now own them in white, green, and a medium blue color (coming to the blog soon). I am generally a 27-28 in jeans and went with a size 6.

6. Leather Mules | I am loving the mule trend that will be hitting full force come this spring. I love that these come in three chic colors–beige, black, and rose–and are super affordable. I ordered one of each and already can’t wait for warmer weather! I am generally a size 6.5-7 and went with size 7.


The February Edit: Things I'm Loving This Month, Beauty |

7. Fresh Rose Face Mask | This is hands-down my favorite face mask I own. It is super hydrating and smells incredible–there are real rose petals in it! I love it so much that I’ve gifted it to my cousin for Christmas and my mom for her birthday. I put it on my face after cleansing at night and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. A little goes a long way. I’ve had mine for about a year now and still have plenty for many more uses. I typically use this one every 1-2 weeks.

8. RMS Master Mixer | I recently started getting more into natural beauty and this has quickly become a product I use on a daily basis. I layer this beautiful highlighting shimmer above my cheek bones, down the front of my nose, and even use it as eye shadow on my eye lids. The product is made out of coconut oil and melts into your skin perfectly. I also have the Living Luminizer, which is more of a sheer pearly-white shimmer, but love the darker rose gold shimmer of the Master Mixer for the winter.

9. Rosebud Salve | I love putting this on my lips before bed. The beautiful floral rose smell is luxurious and I always wake up with my lips feeling supple and moisturized.

10. Jurlique Rose Hand Cream | I am really bad about putting lotion on my hands, even though I get severe eczema in the winter (which you may be able to see in photos of me on the blog). There’s just something about having a sticky substance on my hands that I can’t stand! The Jurlique hand cream has been the only solution to get myself to use lotion before bed at night. I have both the Lavender and Rose scents and both are heavenly. A little goes a long way here too. I use just a tiny bit on the back of each hand as the last step in my nighttime routine.

11. Tarte Glisten Cheek Stain | I have been using Tarte cheek stain for years now without knowing it was a natural beauty product. I love love love the color Fearless, which is a coral pink, for the perfect dewy look year round. But I recently tried the new color Glisten and love this one for winter. It has a warmer red tint to it that looks beautiful for everyday wear. I dab this onto the apples of my cheeks (under the rms Master Mixer) and blend into my skin using my finger. I also use this on my eyelids in place of eye shadow for the day.


The February Edit: Things I'm Loving This Month, Lifestyle |

12. Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies | These are my go-to sweets right now, and a fun modern take on the traditional shortbread cookie. I whipped some up for an impromtu girls night earlier in January and haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. They are so incredibly easy to make (with only a few ingredients) and take no time at all. The carmelized Demerara sugar on the sides and the flakey sea salt on top are subtleties that really makes these cookies stand out from any other. You won’t regret making these for your next sweet treat!

13. The Big Year | Allen’s mom recently sent us this movie and we enjoyed watching it one night over homemade ramen and a glass of wine. It was the perfect way to unwind after a particularly stressful week. The movie follows a pair of characters (Jack Black and Steve Martin) as they embark on a year-long bird-spotting competition to beat the previous year’s world record holder (Owen Wilson). But what they find along the way to breaking records is that the journey (the new friendships, the once-in-a-lifetime travels, and the determination to go after your dreams) far outweighs the destination. It may not sound like the most interesting plot line, but this is hands-down one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while . Trust me, you’ll love watching this on your next movie night in.

14. Snoqualmie Riesling | Recently I have been unwinding with a glass of wine at night over dinner with Allen. The Snoqualmie Riesling has been my go-to wine of choice this past month. I used to only drink Moscatos, but have recently noticed they are much to sweet for my liking anymore. The Riesling is still a sweet wine, but one that is much more palatable given my new tastes. Also…who couldn’t love the lunar design on the bottle?

15. The Stable Song by Gregory Alan Isakov | You know when you’ve Shazam-ed a song 3 times on your phone, that it must be a good one! I love how peaceful and relaxing this song is. A great one to play while making dinner in the evening.

16. Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver | I just finished reading this book and could not recommend it more! It’s all about the mantra of living more with less stuff–clearing out the physical and mental clutter so that you can get back to living your best life. I talked a little about it in this post, but this book has completely changed my outlook on life. You can be sure this won’t be the last time I talk about it here on the blog. If you give it a read, let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

17. Rose Germanium + Rosemary Essential Oils | Ever since my Aunt got me into diffusing essential oils in my apartment, I have experimented with layering various scents for different seasons and activities. Currently I’m loving mixing 4-5 drops of Rose Germanium with 1-2 drops of Rosemary for a restful blend of scents while I work from home. If you don’t already have a diffuser, I use the doTERRA Petal Diffuser.

What about you? What are you loving this month?

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