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Taking A Little Break…Let Me Know What You Want To See When I Get Back!

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Hi, friends! Just checking in to let you know that I’ll be taking a little, mini break from the blog over the next month or so. As some of you know, I’m taking another round of qualifying exams for my PhD in Aerospace Engineering in early September. So I’ll be taking the next month or so to really focus on studying and preparing for those. In addition, I’m presenting at my first technical conference in Australia at the end of September (yay!), so I’ll need all the time I can get to prepare for that as well!

I recently posted an article on Everything You Need to Know About the Solar Eclipse, so make sure you take a look at that if you haven’t and learn why the solar eclipse was such a big deal! But beyond that I will be posted up in my office studying for the foreseeable future! I hope you understand and will re-visit the blog when I’m back in October. If you’d like to know what I’m up to in the meantime, I will periodically be posting on my Instagram. Give me a follow to stay up to date! (I’ll be posting Australia pictures on IG in late September, early October.)

That being said…I have a TON of new content ideas for the blog this fall (A TONNN!) and CANNOT wait to share them all with you. So to keep your interest peaked (until I have more time to follow through on them)…here’s a sneak peak at a few of them! Little teasers, if you will!

And if there is something else you’d love to see, please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me directly with your suggestions! I’d would really LOVE to hear from you!



Charleston, SC – Summer 2017

TRAVEL GUIDES // In addition to covering some of the trips I’ve been on over the past year or two in my traditional recap style (National Parks in the Southwest, Charleston, Chicago, Guatemala, etc.), I’ve wanted to create more comprehensive travel guides to the places I’ve been. Guides that are super easy to look at to get ideas of things to do, places to eat, 24-48 hour trip itineraries to follow etc. for specific locations. And maybe even packing guides for the trips I’ve been on. (I’m always curious what people wear while on travel and what they wish they would’ve packed differently.) Would you guys be interested in travel guides and packing lists?

Here’s a quick list of places still on my to do list to post (there’s a lot!):

Hiking/Camping in… Zion Nat’l Park, Bryce Canyon Nat’l Park, Nat’l Escalante Monument, Grand Canyon Nat’l Park, Arches Nat’l Park, Yellowstone Nat’l Park, Teton Nat’l Park, Great Sand Dunes Nat’l Park.

City Guides to… Houston TX, Austin TX, Boulder CO, Denver CO, Seattle WA, Vancourver BC, Charleston SC.

Trip Recaps in… Antigua + Panajachel in Guatemala, Charleston in South Carolina,  VA Beach this summer, and a few more in my Houston local posts.

P.S. – I always feel behind in keeping current with travel posts. They just take longer than other posts! (and blogging isn’t my full-time gig 😉 ) But I hope you all still enjoy them, later as the may be.

. . .


JCrew Stripes and Colors on Virginia Beach Boardwalk |

post coming soon, photo credit: Jennifer Carr

(Sustainable) FASHION // I’ve been learning so much recently about sustainable fashion and ways to combat fast fashion. (You can see my past 10×10 Style Challenges here.) And I want to share all the information I’ve learned with you, in addition to hearing about what you’ve found! I’d love to have an open discussion with you on the topic, as well as to share outfit posts that resonate with this idea in mind. Practical, affordable, sustainable fashion for the every girl that doesn’t sacrifice personal style. And ALL the fall fashion inspiration. (Cannot wait!) What questions do you have about sustainable fashion?

I’m also working on a fun series I shot in VA Beach with Jennifer Carr all about What to Pack for a Day at the Beach, and How to Take Your Beach Attire Straight to Dinner Date. I also had the pleasure of working with Julie Livingston in Charleston to capture 4 outfits perfect for exploring the southern charm of this historic city. (I am bursting at the seams to share these with you all soon!)

P.S. – I’ve updated the little shop widget on the right side of my website if you are interested in finding good summer-to-fall transitional pieces before I get back to blogging in October!

. . .


Fall Constellations in the Northern Hemisphere |


SPACE WEEK #2 // I loved, LOVED putting together Space Week for you all last fall and I’ve been itching to do another one ever since. For the next one, I’d love to focus on another lesson in planets (either planet formation or Planet 9…or both, haha!), a guide to seasonal constellations, and of course, cosmic fashion. Are there any topics in space science, astronomy, or engineering that you’d love to know more about?

I particularly love putting these posts together for you all because it forces me to learn right along with you! They say teaching someone else is one of the best ways to learn it yourself! And I’m definitely a believer in that philosophy.

. . .


White chocolate rose cupcakes |


CUPCAKES // Oh man do I miss baking and decorating cupcakes! I currently have a long list of flavors I’ve been dying to make since last year…has it really been that long?! First on my list is a dreamy, floral rosewater flavor with a fresh buttercream frosting. When I’ve got more time (hopefully this fall), I’d love to share a few new recipes with you! Any holidays or themes in particular you’d like to see?

You can bet there will be something extra fun and galaxy-themed happening with Space Week! 😉

. . .


How To Start A Blog |


BLOGGING // I’ve also gotten lots of questions recently on my advice for starting a blog. So I’d love to put together a little guide of all the websites and resources I used when starting mine, as well as some of my favorite WordPress plugins and SEO tips I’ve wish I would’ve known about. What specific questions about blogging are you interested in?

I may not be an expert, but there are definitely a lot of things I’ve learned in the 2 years since starting my blog that I’d love to share with anyone interested! In the meantime, you can read the Top 10 Lessons in My First Year and see other blog-related advice here. And that reminds me! Another thing I need to recap…The Blog Society Conference I went to in Chicago. It was sooo good!


Is there anything else you’d love to see when I get back in October? Let me know in the comments below, or email me directly!

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