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Summer 10×10 Outfit 4

Summer 10x10 Challenge Outfit 4 | www.cupcakesandthecosmos.com

Welcome to Day 4 of the Summer 10×10 Challenge, friends! In keeping with the mantra of trying new things and experimenting with my personal style, I decided to give this next look a try, which turned out to be very ‘minimalist’ in atheistic. And while it doesn’t feel totally me, I still kinda dig it for a change every now and then!

Summer 10x10 Challenge Outfit 4 | www.cupcakesandthecosmos.com

I didn’t set out to make this a minimalist look, but looking back on it now, it definitely has that feel! I’ve always wondered what this atheistic would look like on me, especially since I love following Lee of Style Bee and her style. So it was a happy surprise when this outfit came out of my 10×10 mixing-and-matching on its own, organically.
Summer 10x10 Challenge Outfit 4 | www.cupcakesandthecosmos.com

Summer 10x10 Challenge Outfit 4 | www.cupcakesandthecosmos.com

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I generally style high-waisted pants and skirts with my tops tucked in. So I took the 10×10 Challenge opportunity to try something different by leaving a few of my tops untucked and seeing if it worked/didn’t work and what I liked/didn’t like about each of them.

This top here is super breezy and flowy because the back opens with the prettiest criss-cross wrap (see a few pictures below). So it seemed like the best option to go untucked with these high-wasited pants. And guess what?…I loved the outcome! And because the pants are high-waisted, the opening in back didn’t show too much skin for work. The pairing was a total win in my opinion–as if it were meant to be!

It feels very relaxed and carefree while still looking very put-together and sophisticated.

I paired the outfit with an oversized blush clutch to give the look a more feminine touch, while still keeping with the flowy, oversized atheistic. Gold accessories (like this layered necklace set and this bangle) keep the look feeling fresh and modern too. And I’m loving how the stripes of my black flats align perfectly with the stripes of my blouse and tie everything together into a cohesive look.Summer 10x10 Challenge Outfit 4 | www.cupcakesandthecosmos.com

Summer 10x10 Challenge Outfit 4 | www.cupcakesandthecosmos.com

And just look at the back of this top! So dreamy, no?! I usually feel like vneck tops are more flattering on me, but since this top has a trendier back detail, I think the higher-necked front perfectly balances out the piece. It’s all about that give-and-take. (This top here is an oldie-but-goodie. But this striped cotton tank is very similar and could be styled tons of different ways.)

And I will say that I think the softer, rounded hem of the top lends it to being worn untucked better than if it had a harsher, more abrupt square hem. So just something to keep in mind if you’re trying out this style on your own at home! But really, who knows until you try it?! I’m learning new things and styles right here with ya!

Summer 10x10 Challenge Outfit 4 | www.cupcakesandthecosmos.com

As for the other aspect of the minimalist athestic–the color palette! I really love the fresh, clean look of whites and beiges paired together.

…But if I’m being honest with you guys, I’m really starting to miss my colorful wardrobe! Neutrals tend to pair better together, so I stacked my 10×10 picks with a lot of black, white, and beige/cream pieces. But I’m really missing my reds and blues and greens! For example, I’d love to pair this top with a bright teal skirt! Wouldn’t that be so pretty?!

At any rate, I added on a bright yellow cardigan to appease my color withdrawal for the time being. And I think it did just the trick!

Summer 10x10 Challenge Outfit 4 | www.cupcakesandthecosmos.com

One major lesson this outfit has taught me? Your style doesn’t have to be ‘this’ or ‘that’–it can include both! Don’t limit yourself to what you think your style should be.

While I wouldn’t consider myself to have a ‘minimalist’ style, I sure do like rocking it every now and then. And that’s fantastic! There’s no need to bin yourself into a certain aesthetic or to feel limited by the labels we put on certain looks. Style is all about having fun and making it your own. So go for it! Try new things. Mix things up. And rock it!

P.S. – Caroline had a similar revelation during her 10×10 Challenge here. I love how she puts it–“It’s not an out with the old, in with the new thing. Instead, it’s an opportunity to embrace both.” I mean..why not, right?!

Summer 10x10 Challenge Outfit 4 | www.cupcakesandthecosmos.com

What about you? Have you ever tried the minimalist style?

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Photos by Noah Berg


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Top: J. Crew Factory (similar) | Pants: Club Monaco (similar here, here) | Cardigan: J. Crew Factory (similar) | Shoes: Madewell (similar here, here) | Purse: Francesca’s (similar, love this sequin one too) | Necklaces: Madewell (similar) | Bracelet: J. Crew Factory (similar)

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